Profim’s mission is to be the number one Polish expert on design and ergonomics of office seats in central and eastern Europe. They set unparalleled standards of healthy and effective sitting.

For 28 years, Profim has been manufacturing products which meet the highest standards in terms of ergonomics, quality and design.

The team is aware of the huge impact their seats have on the health, wellbeing and work comfort of users. The more pieces of furniture Profim provides to offices and other spaces, the more responsibility the team feels for delivering a reliable and functionally superior product.

Design does not only mean caring about the style and original character of products, it also means proper interaction between the objects and users.

From the beginning of the company’s existence they have developed dozens of unique collections in cooperation with an international renowned designers.

Innovative technologies and an experienced team of engineers allows them to implement even the most sophisticated forms. Thanks to the metal department, their own chromium plating facility, powder paint shop and cast foams department, they are able to independently manufacture most chair and armchair components. This allows them to fully control the process and meet even the highest quality requirements.